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The wellness wheel has sections for physical health, emotional health, financial, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, & occupational. You might be coming to me to t What about sex and sexuality? Understanding how we think and feel about ourselves as sexual beings and how other people treat us because of it is crucial to understanding how we move through our world, make decisions within the spaces that we create and that are created around us, and move past some of the beliefs that we hold but that are not authentic to our actual values and desires. It's time to drop the stigma surrounding "alternative" sexuality. I love it as a style of music, but whole-heartedly dislike the term "alternative" in the context of sex and sexuality. However you do—or don't do—sex is perfectly normal and so is how you identify as a sexual being.It can be scary when that someone says that the whole you includes your sexuality, your business, and your relationships which must all—😬—be taken into account when looking for the perfect solution to whatever is challenging you at the moment.