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Complete the Cycle

Don't let stress steal your orgasm.

Fuck you, stress. I mean it, really. FUCK YOU!

I know that I have to deal with you. You are a fact of life. But I don’t have to let you beat me. I don’t have to let you constantly rule over me. I don’t have to let you hurt me!

That’s how I feel about stress! How about you?

Do you feel like it is a cloud that is constantly hanging over you and sometimes dumping its contents all over your life, usually at the most inopportune times?

You see, stress can hurt us way more than we ever knew. It can cause us to have compromised immune systems, increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, headaches, inflammation, physical pain, mental anguish, and loss of pleasure in all areas of life. It can hurt our relationships with others and it can hurt our relationship with our Selves.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want any of that, but combatting stress was giving me even MORE fucking stress! Until I finally understood that stress has a cycle and if I COMPLETE that cycle, I feel better. So much better, in fact, that when the next stressful thing happens, I am more resilient and am able to face whatever it is head on. And THAT is priceless!

Here’s the deal.

We don’t like to admit that we are stressed. It can feel like failure and like we are letting everyone down. At least, that is how it always felt for me. Admitting that I was stressed out was so fucking embarrassing and I would get really defensive about it. That anxiety band across my chest would just get tighter and tighter as I thought about stress and what I could do about it.

So I get it. I really do. You don’t have time to deal with it right now. You need to just keep pushing through so that you can finish whatever you are doing. And this is true, perhaps, when you are in a meeting and feel that band tightening up, and like a giant fart, you have to just hold it in. You can’t just let it go in front of everyone and stink up the room. (I mean, you could. It would be really awkward, but you could) In that specific moment, you can’t cry or break into dance or give your boss a 20 second hug. But there are plenty of other moments in your life when you can.

And you NEED to. If you really want to say “Fuck you, stress,” you HAVE to. You simply MUST complete the stress response cycle. Here are 12 ways that you can do it.

And for more on that, check out The Feminist Survival Project Podcast: Ep. 02 “Complete the Stress Response Cycle.”

Start incorporating one or more of these activities into your day and you will notice a big shift in your resilience and happiness. You might be pleasantly surprised to find, too, that you are feeling more desire as a byproduct of feeling less stress!

And, yes, sex - and that includes masturbation - is also a great way to complete the cycle! So if you are feeling it, do it! If you aren’t, don’t stress over it. *wink*

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