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Hi, I'm Angela

aka Mama Pistachio

As promised, here’s the rest of the story. My name is Angela Locashio and my students thought it was hilarious that my name rhymed with a nut so they called me “Ms. Pistachio” and more than a few called me “Mom.” OK, not such a long story

Then, when my husband went to boot camp, he was a bit older than the rest of the guys so he was the “Papa” of the group who called him “Papa Pistachio” and I quickly became known as "Mama" because apparently he missed me and talked about me a lot. Awww, sweet, right? I do kinda love him.👾 So there you have it. I love that the name stuck. It reminds me, everyday, that I am loved and that people feel loved by me. Yay!

And that is precisely why I wanted my business to carry that name. I started this business so that I could support others and create this space where people know that they are cared for unconditionally. I know that I am not the only who needs a space like that!

I'm Neurodivergent

Diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 22—a full 23 years before learning that I am also autistic—I was a single mom making $8 an hour. I had graduated from high school early because I was bored out of my mind and, in spite of having a great scholarship offer, didn't go to college—everyone told me I couldn't do what I wanted to do (be a sex therapist), so what was the point? Besides, I couldn't stand being in the classroom. The ADHD diagnosis changed all that.

Learning about myself as a neurodivergent (ND) individual along with having a mentor and boss, who threatened to fire me and meant it, was the first step to having the confidence to advocate for myself and start building the life that I wanted and deserved—for myself and my son. It would have happened a lot faster had I known then what I do now.

Let me clear something up, that mentor and boss who threatened to fire me was an amazing man. He seriously said, "you go back to school or I will fire you" in the most loving and supporting way. He never, not one single time, made me feel "less than" for being who I am. He allowed me to be curious and to ask questions and he trusted me to do what needed to be done in my own way. I needed someone to call bullshit on all of the beliefs that I carried that were flat out not true.